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The overarching problem in Sri Lanka is the lack of people who have the capacity and commitment to engage in informed discussions on the critical issues facing the country. The lack of an informed discourse is particularly debilitating in the area of economic reforms in general, and education, infrastructure and trade reforms in particular. Deep-rooted attitudes based on statist and protectionist ideologies about private initiatives, market mechanisms, governance and globalization prevent effective reforms being implemented . Popular notions in Sri Lanka about reforms in education, infrastructure, trade and other key areas are out of step with the changing notions worldwide. Vociferous anti-reformers keeps the discourse one-sided. Other voices need to be heard and accommodated.

Political leaders, both past and present, have generally found it easier to appease to popular sentiments than to take the politically risky path of meaningful reforms. There are no civil society organizations as rallying point for liberal minded citzens that focus on these vital issues. The Pathfinder Foundation will try to fill at least part of this void.

To play a catalytic role in changing attitudes of legislators, government officials, civil society groups, and the general public, towards the role of government in the economy and society, markets, the globalization process and private initiatives through research, information dissemination, action and dialogue.

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